Thursday, September 17, 2009


After her debut moviein 1998
she had her nexthit with soldier
. Zinta,Preity love for experim
enting with roles was seen asshe
signed two telugu filmsalso which
were remakesof Hindi movies
. She wasdoing pretty well as a
newcomerand then came a major
hit in theform of Kya kehna in
2000.It tookthe audiences by
storm and she wasappreciated
by the critics for hercommendable
acting talent. Herbig hits included
MissionKashmir which was the
thirdhighest grossing film of th
e yearand Dil Chahta Hai which
enteredinto the top five highest
grossingfilms of the year. Although
the filmDil Hai Tumhaara did not
do well atthe box office, her role as
an adopteddaughter was appreciated
and shebecame sought-after by some
of thebiggest filmmakers in the
following years.They say success c
omes to youbut with a price, which
happenedto be right for Preity. I
t wasn’tjust her acting career but
Zinta,Preity love life too became a
victimof rumors. Controversies
startedto circle her. Even though
Preitywas seeing Ness wadia,
SuchitraKrishnamurthy accused
her ofhaving an affair with her
husbandShekhar Kapur and thus
leadingto their divorce. She even
landedup as a witness in an
Underworldtrial where she
received threateningcalls while
shooting for a movie.She has been
dating Ness Wadiasince February
2005.Rumors ofher having a tiff with
Ness’smother surfaced but she just
brushed it off.Little did trouble spare
her where she went, Zinta, Preity love
for outbound performances cost her
lot more than she could expect.
Narrowly escaped death twice.
Once with the Indian ocean
Tsunami and the other when
there was an explosion at one
of her concerts,

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