Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Like all popular movie
personalities, Juhi chawla
too was dragged into
many controversies.
Chawla, Juhi love for being
bold and straightfor
ward landed her in an
unpleasant situation, for
her refusal to act in a
movie directed by Mahesh
Majrekar. Though her onscreen
chemistry with Aamir wa
s great fun, their off screen
relationship went sour due to
some remark made by Aamir
Khan which was not received
well by Juhi. In a recent incident,
the media wrote all sorts of
articles when she campaigned
for Gujarat Chief Minister’s
election in Gujarat. Media
complained that she is
canvassing for the Chief
Minister to help her husband
’s finances.
Juhi Chawla got married to Jai
Mehta, an industrialist. The
couple has two children- daughter
Jhanvi and son Arjun. Chawla,
Juhi love for family life is
well known as she completely a
voided the film career to take
care of the kids. Now that, she
can spare some time for her self,
she seems to have started
practicing classical music. With
this new found Chawla, Juhi
love for singing may soon make
her a signer as popular Juhi
Chawla, the actor

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